Autentico Workshops

Pete runs regular workshops on a variety of subjects from his home in Les Adjots.

When he was in the UK, Pete was invited by the East Sussex Federation of Women’s Institutes Committee to give a demonstration about Autentico products in Crowborough. He was overwhelmed with the enthusiastic response from so many ladies with upcycling projects they wanted to get started on.

Pete anime régulièrement des ateliers sur une variété de sujets à partir de chez lui, aux Adjots. Lorsqu’il était au Royaume-Uni, Pete a été invité par le comité de l’East Sussex Federation of Women’s Institutes à faire une démonstration des produits Autentico à Crowborough. Il a été submergé par la réaction enthousiaste de tant de dames qui voulaient se lancer dans des projets de recyclage.

Really interesting talk and demonstration, thank you! I’m looking at all my furniture I’ll now be painting!! Really enjoyed it!

Great demonstration and talk. I’m sure we will have all gone home that day and looked at our furniture in a different way. Thank you.

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